Our Story

Syn Ack Fin (SAF) was founded in 2001 by C.E.O. Antonio K. Wint. SAF’s initial focus was on enterprise content management systems deployment, configuration and migration. Over the years SAF has earned a reputation in the content management space as reliable, on time and on budget. In order to be successful in the enterprise solutions market you must have an acute attention to detail as well as a methodology that is proven.

SAF has built a business based on those successes and our approach to implementing complex solutions. In 2007 Antonio added new focus to SAF by building a small business division. The mission statement of this new division is “to use the processes and methodologies of big business to help small businesses become more successful with their information & technology.” The phases of our methodology have evolved and matured to support our clients changing technology needs. The keystone to our approach has always been security focused with an emphasis on ease of use for the end user. This approach has grown into the tag line “I.T. Made Simple”.

We continue to work hard to deliver a solution that meets your requirements on time and on budget, but that is simple to administer and use.