Downtime Reduction


When you’re down, we’re down. We want nothing more than to get you up and running again – quickly.

At SAF, we respond in less than an hour (usually within 20 minutes) for clients with an I.T. contract.

Better still, if you’re an SAF client, chances are you won’t have downtime (other than the downtime we plan and schedule for maintenance and upgrades). We build networks to run well, further bolstering them with redundancy and thorough backup plans. SAF regularly monitors your network for signs of slowdown or trouble.

The nature of technology makes it costly to guarantee 100% uptime, but we can come awfully close. Once we’ve had time to manage your environment, using our robust implementation methodology, we guarantee 99.9% uptime. That is nine hours of downtime a year or 45 minutes a month. If we don’t meet or exceed this guarantee you’ll get 10 hours of free support!

“We have used multiple IT companies over the last 10 years. We always seemed to have problems with getting our technology to operate smoothly at its full potential. Any time we had an issue it always took multiple phone calls and emails to get it resolved…”

– David M. Verebelyi, MD, Chief of Laser Surgery,Colorado Center for Photomedicine read more

For more information on downtime reduction, please call 720.887.4826, or e-mail