Why Choose SAF


SOC 2 Compliant

SAF takes our role within your business very seriously:

We have successfully completed a Service Organization Control Audit  (SOC). SAF operates fully within a SOC 2 Type II compliant environment. Our SOC audit insures our clients that we are serious about network security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. SAF also manages all of our client environments within the controls defined within our SOC 2 Type II report. These reports are intended for use by stakeholders as a description of SAF’s systems and the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of our implemented controls.  Additionally ALL of SAF’s approved partners successfully completed SOC audits.

SAF is dedicated to providing our clients efficient, effective and simple solutions:

The SAF team is dedicated to designing solutions that meet all of your needs in an efficient, effective and simple to use way. The culture at SAF places emphasis on customer service, superior technical ability and making complex concepts feel easy to use by the end user. We take on the training, education and research so you can focus on running your business.

SAF’s customizes solutions that meet your specific needs:

SAF assess each new project, whether with a new client or existing customer, and creates a custom solution that details the specific needs of each new challenge. Information gathered from an initial assessment is used to develop a plan based on our proven iterative and incremental methodology to implement new computing processes for your company.

SAF strives for process automation:

I.T. Made Simple is more than just a tag line. We are constantly looking for tools and approaches to make our job and yours efficient and easier to do. This translates to an effective solution to the customer that is less likely to need constant maintenance.  Less maintenance translates to lower cost of ownership.

SAF is nimble and responsive:

We are a small business and proud of it!  Our customers enjoy the responsiveness and flexibility that a small business has to offer. If you want a solution turned around quickly without a bunch a red tape we are the team for you.