Enterprise Content Management


EMC Documentum provides enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that enable you to get maximum leverage from your information—so you can collaboratively create, manage, deliver and archive the information needed to drive your business.

If you have worked in a Documentum environment you are more than aware of the challenges associated with managing Documentum.

Internal resources are typically over utilized and don’t have the bandwidth to completely understand the product.
The business has demanding expectations that require architecture changes that are difficult to implement in a timely fashion.
Product upgrades fall to the bottom of the list and put the business at risk. The product version has reached end of life and you must pay for “extended support” from Documentum

In Steps SAF

SAF has been administering Documentum environments since EDMS 98. We have worked for and with companies that require all of the power that an enterprise content management system can offer. We have consistently delivered when it seemed it couldn’t be done. Documentum Administration is not simple. But we try to keep it that way.

Documentum Administration Services

1) Documentum Content Server Migrations

2) Documentum Repository Cloning

3) Environment upgrades 5.3, 6.0, 6.6

4) Full Text Index Server

5) Documentum Content Transformation Services

6) Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

7) DocApp Installations and Configuration

8) Performance Monitoring and Tuning

9) Documentum Environment Installation & Configuration

10) Repository rename and installation owner change

These are only a few of the Documentum Administration issues that have been solved by SAF for our clients. We are here to help you remove the headaches associated with Documentum. You don’t need a full time Documentum Administrator. You need SAF. We follow the Documentum recommended best practices and have an extensive understanding of the Documentum Product family. Our focus is Documentum Administration and Documentum Administration only. We don’t write code. We don’t over customize. We don’t design your data model. We install Documentum products, administer their functionality and make sure your environment is reliable, available and performing as the business needs.

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