Enterprise class content management and collaboration systems can unify teams over 1000’s of miles and provide a single, secure platform to exchange ideas, meet deadlines and execute business decisions.  SAF has proven success in administering, upgrading, migrating and managing EMC Documentum eRoom, EMC Documentum Content Server & Microsoft SharePoint.

Using SAF’s iterative and incremental methodology, we will upgrade your EMC Documentum eRoom environment from Windows 2003 Server to Windows 2008 R2 64bit versions. This is crucial for compliance and migrating off of Windows 2003 Server. If EMC Documentum eRoom is no longer a product your organization is willing to support, SAF will migrate your environment to a next generation collaboration platform like Microsoft SharePoint or EMC Documentum Content Server.

We know the challenges….

  1. eRoom application server is running on physical hardware and it’s time to go virtual
  2. eRoom server deadlocks
  3. eRoom resource limits and performance issues
  4. eRoom Checker consistency errors
  5. eRoom Index Server performance issues
  6. eRoom ASP error codes
  7. eRoom upload time outs and file size errors
  8. eRoom inbox delivery failures
  9. eRoom Advanced Server design and load balancing
  10. eRoom Recycle Bin cleanup and object archiving

It is time to either upgrade eRoom to the latest supported platform or migrate to a different solution. Let SAF provide your team the support they need to improve your EMC Documentum eRoom environment.