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Xirrus Wi-Fi Array

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array represent a unique approach to building Enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

A Xirrus WiFi array houses not one but many Wi-Fi access points, and also has its own integrated wireless LAN controller. Each Xirrus array unit also has an integrated spectrum analyser, a dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor, and an integrated security Firewall.

The number of radios increases through the Xirrus range – from the Xirrus XN4 with 4x Wi-Fi radios, to the Xirrus XN16 with 16x radios.

original_xirrus_xn4 original_xirrus_xn8 original_xirrus_xn12 original_xirrus_xn16





In addition, the Xirrus Wi-Fi array features a series of semi-directional, medium-gain antennas to deliver substantial WiFi network capacity and performance even from a single Xirrus array.

What’s more, since a Xirrus array requires only one Category 5 / 5e / 6 cable drop and one Ethernet switch port, a single Xirus WiFi array can be used instead of multiple access points from othe WLAN vendors, delivering high-capacity, switched Ethernet-style wireless network capacity to the wireless users in healthcare, schools, offices, conferences, auditoriums, campuses, warehouses and many other environments.

Xirrus Array Architecture

Key features of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array architecture include:

  • More Coverage per device – a Xirrus Wi-Fi array typically delivers 4x more coverage than traditional APs.
  • More users per device – supports 100s of users per device.
  • High Performance Wi-Fi – up to 8x times the bandwidth and 14x times the throughput of traditional APs.
  • Keen RF management – multiple tunable radios, automatic channel selection, cell sizing, interference mitigation and load optimisation of the RF environment.
  • Highly Secure Wi-Fi – integrated Wi-Fi Firewall, integrated spectrum analyser, and dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor, and rogue AP blocking
  • Highly Resilience – resilience at the radio, Array, uplink, backhaul and power levels.
  • Line Rate Encryption – line rate encryption within the Array – means no encryption bottlenecks.
  • Future Proof – a modular design and flash upgradability allows for quick field upgrades.
  • Reduced Cost – typically 75% fewer devices, cabling, switch ports and installation time – compared with traditional single- or dual-radio APs.
  • Layer 3 Roaming – security policies can be created for different types of users to control parameters such as time-of-day and day-of-the week access, QoS, and traffic limits.
  • Location Services – wireless client locations can be mapped to building floorplans, based upon location of the client relative to the Array.

Benefits of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array currently integrates up to 16 Wi-Fi radios with an on-board Wi-Fi controller, a Gigabit Ethernet Switch, A security Firewall, a Spectrum Analyser and a dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor into a single device.

Multiple radios are co-located in a circular configuration to create a radio “Array” that provides significant range, capacity, and RF management advantages. Each Integrated Access Point (IAP) uses a high gain, directional Antenna System to deliver increased transmit gain and receive sensitivity in all directions, resulting in up to 4x the coverage area of traditional AP / Wi-Fi controller architectures.

By implementing the intelligence at the edge of the network, rather than in a centralised controller, the Xirrus Array improves network efficiency, lowers latency, improves network throughput, and simplifies network deployment

Xirrus 802.11n WiFi arrays use 3×3 MIMO technology to deliver data rates of up to 300Mbps per radio. Each Array has three built-in antennas per access point, integrating up to 60 antennas into a single device.

The Xirrus array’s unique architecture is easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, and can deliver ultra-high capacity WiFi service – at lower costs than other Wi-Fi vendors such as Cisco, Aruba, Meru, Juniper / Trapeze, HP and others.

XMS – Xirrus Management System

The Xirrus Management System (XMS) provides centralised configuration and RF management, security control and policies (IDS/IPS), performance monitoring, and reporting for hundreds of Arrays across a Layer 3 network.

Xirrus Management System (XMS)

Xirrus XMS provides:

  • Central management of the entire Wi-Fi Array network
  • Continual monitoring of Wi-Fi network status and performance.
  • Control and maintainnance of the Wi-Fi network configuration across all Arrays.
  • Tracking and analysis of Wi-Fi network usage and growth over time.
  • Faster and simpler roll-out of Wi-Fi network configuration changes.
  • Automatic alerting of network issues, with drill-down troubleshooting.

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